Control and Distribution Panels

Electrical control panels

Ranging from simple lighting control to complete power distribution centres we are continually expanding our catalogue of electrical control panels whilst designing, manufacturing and supplying/installing new systems to our customer’s unique specifications or retro fitting new equipment into existing MCC enclosures.

  • Sport stadiums lighting control
  • D.O.L to Soft start control retro fits
  • 3 Phase MCC distribution panels for industrial & commercial installations
  • Pump control panels
  • PV Distribution panels

Petrochemical Systems

We have extensive knowledge in the Petrochemical industry and manufacture a wide range of control panels for use in hazardous areas. Previous jobs include:

  • Complete site access systems
  • Tannoy systems
  • Additive injection systems
  • Pump control systems
  • Evacuation alarm systems
  • Lighting control
  • Tank high & low level annunciator systems